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Health Care Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Health Care Economics - Essay Example However, with advances in technology scientists came out with the discovery of solar panels. Solar panels are just a one-time investment and once set up they’ll provide free electricity for their entire life. What simply happens is that the solar panels take up energy from sun rays and convert that energy to provide electrical power. This simple example goes on to show how technology has brought down the cost of various products. Health care has been one of the most important issues of the current time. With the ever increasing health care costs, people from all walks of life have been complaining they cannot afford proper treatment. Workers in America have so hardly been hit by the high health insurance premium payments that they often forego getting a recommended checkup rather than paying huge sums of out of pocket money. So why it is that business technology saves a lot on costs but when it comes to healthcare, new technology drives up costs? There are a lot of reasons to this and we’ll look at each in turn. Firstly, we’ll focus on simple demand and supply factors. The demand for health care has increased over the years as worldwide population increases exponentially. However the supply side hasn’t moved at the same pace as there are a limited number of medical technology producers. The demand supply gap is one of the main reasons why healthcare costs have gone up. Another important reason why health care technology has increased health care costs is that medicinal technology is different than other forms of technological improvements. When a new medicinal technology is launched in the hospital market, a new progress towards diagnosis of a disease or its treatment is made. However in other fields, technological innovation is just a continuation of a previous product to make it better. Such an innovation’s primary objective generally is to achieve an increase in the product’s efficiency and therefore reduce its overa ll cost. However when it comes to medicinal technology, a new purpose is accomplished every time a technological advancement is made and so the investment and the return (payback) process starts from the beginning every time. To recover such investments, patients have to be charged high so at least the hospitals breakup if they don’t make a profit. This is one of the main reason why patients end up paying high medicine bills as the recovery cost of technological improvements is ultimately passed on to the final consumers. Health care technology requires a lot of research. The major chunk of expenditure that’s made by pharmaceutical and health care equipment companies is on research and development of new products and technologies. These figures are often so significant that they take up to seventy percent of a company’s annual budget! It’s pretty obvious now that when such companies will develop their products, they’ll have real high costs attached to them. The latest machines for chemo therapy and drugs to contain cancer have very high costs associated with them. These high costs simply reflect the amount spent on research and development towards the innovation of these drugs and machineries. Whether a particular technology will reduce or increase the amount spent on healthcare will depend upon several critical factors. One of such

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Business Marketing Strategies for Global Markets Assignment

Business Marketing Strategies for Global Markets - Assignment Example Some of the market entry options include direct export that entails producing products in the home country and selling them to overseas customers. Licensing, where licensor will provide an organization in the foreign market a license to manufacture the product or use the brand name and in return receive a payment. In addition, the use of joint venture that involves two organizations coming together to share the risk of market entry into a new foreign market (Root & Mark, 2006). The strategic significance of global market participation includes the following. The expansion provides the opportunity to increase sales as well as make profits; moreover, it leads to lower prices for goods and services to the customer due to the economies of scale derived from a larger global base and to bring down barriers to world trade and providing some protection in some countries and industries. There are the types of international strategies. The Multi-domestic strategy emphasizes product customization for each market. In addition, there is the Global strategy where products are the same in all countries where the business is involved. Lastly, the transnational strategy that tries to balance the efficiency while adjusting to the local preferences of various countries. Finally, the components of international strategy include the distinctive competence, the scope of operations and the resource deployment and

Create or use an existing company Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Create or use an existing company - Term Paper Example There are some main factors that company has to deal with. As most of the soft-drink and beer bottles are liable for reuse and recycling, company gets some of its raw material from defected and used bottles that are supplied back by the beer companies. However, a number of bottles do not reverse and company has to involve glass as the raw material of new bottles. There had been a stagnant increase in the market since last three years which provides and estimation for supposed upcoming market demands. In light of those factors company has to keep a safe number of bottles that can be supplied urgently when required by buyers. On the other hand, a large number of bottles made in advance can create a burden over company’s investing strength. That would also create a lack of fluency in company’s cycle of work. Thus, company has to involve a concrete Inventory management that keeps the overall demand and supply chain in a safe and trustworthy position to provide continuous pr ofit to Volga Glasses. The supply chain and IT Factors Obviously, the purpose of Volga Glasses’ is to enhance and manage its supply chain to perform with a perfect smoothness that does not shake even in the conditions of an urgent tide in market situations. Company uses elegant IT techniques to manage that smoothness. Chiefly the bills are collected as electronic data providing an exact record of supply over a particular period. While mostly a supply chain is maintained over longer period like a year or six months, Volga Glasses is bound to use three month estimation because of the nature of its assets and frequently wavering requirements. Three years ago company has ordered a software organization to design software for their inventory management. The software had produced good results while it had been quite dependent of human inputs and mandatory analysis by the supervisors of Volga Glasses. This software ‘Smart-Task’ bases its strategy in collecting the suppl y data and comparing the overall cost of raw materials added with the labor and mechanical expenses. Over the time it also manifests the comparative graphs of market tides during various supply chain periods. Company manages to base its strategies in short term chains such as three months as well as yearly managements of supply chains. During last years it had come out that Smart-Task has been accurate and efficient in processing the data to manifest a scenario of the market. However, during the recent immediate ups and downs of market the estimations of Smart-task have failed when external situations like a temporary recession had stricken the market of soft drinks. Therefore an analysis of Company’s requirement and reliability of IT over numerous patterns of system of research is mandatory. Synchronization of IT and HR Out of the data processing methodology of Smart-Task, it has come out that it depends solely on human inputs which provide a base for calculations and estima tions. Company’s HR department is responsible for providing the supposed information for future uplifts and lowering of market because Smart-Task puts the data in various graphs that ease the methods of comparisons provide a manifestation of supply chain. The requirement of advance inventory is calculated on a

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Rights of the Child and the Childcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Rights of the Child and the Childcare - Essay Example Being young human beings, children cannot and are not allowed to acquire certain rights that adult humans enjoy. Due to their premature and underdeveloped intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual faculties, they are not permitted by laws to vote, to marry, to engage in sex, etc. that only fully developed humans are able to responsibly do. It is because of children's limited power that critics question the capacity of children to have rights. Advocates of the will and interest theory of rights argue that a right is protected choices that only those who are capable of exercising can enjoy (Archard). But, in response to will theorists, it is also due to children's limited power that spurred the need to give them a set of special set of rights distinguished from adults. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaims that 'childhood is entitled to special care and assistance (Article 25).' This has entitled them to enjoy a new set of rights that the government of UN member countries should uphold and protect. This is what the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child contains. One of the primary violations of children's rights is child abuse. ... Children suffering from these may experience serious negative effects that would largely impair the growth of an abused child. Low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, injury, criminal and anti-social behavior, delinquency, or even death could from these. Protecting children from impaired development of their faculties provides them the need for a different set of rights that adults should respect.  

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The BRICS are more effective in todays economic environment than the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ran by the United States Essay Example for Free

The BRICS are more effective in todays economic environment than the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ran by the United States Essay Over the last few decades, the resilience and ability of the BRIC countries to withstand economic, social and political forces that have brought down big economies is exciting and worth noting.BRIC is a label that defines Brazil, Russia, India and China which according to demographics and recent economic performance have been identified as the countries to watch when it comes to economic development in the 21st century. The BRIC countries are set apart by their strong economic policies and largely by their demographics that is a large indicator of a countrys economic potential. Together, the four countries with the late addition of South Africa have a population of 2.8 billion people who are estimated to be at least 40% of the world population. The four are also believed to occupy a quarter of the land surface across three continents CITATION Glo15 l 2057 (Global Sherpa, 2015). Through the monetary fund, some regulations and guidelines have been established to guide the BRICS in their development agenda. The regulations are known as the Washington consensus and contain ten major areas the Bretton Woods institutions thought would spur economic growth in developing countries and encourage free trade. Over the years, the IMF and the World Bank have been key players in the development sector. The two institutions have often been used as a political tool to coerce the beneficiaries to play according to their rules. With the recent formation of the BRICS Bank in July of 2014, the two institutions’ influence on developing countries is set reduce. Developing countries, who have a similar agenda of future economic growth inclusivity and relevance, are know preferring the BRICS Bank. The bank offers loans without strings attached except loyalty, guarantee of participation and payment in the long-term development agenda. China, which is the largest contributor to the bank, has not imposed itself on members as commonly seen in IMF and Word Banks help. The aims of the Bretton Woods institutions, though hidden in the disguise of empowerment, are mainly operated as a business for profit. Between 2002 and 2008, BRICS managed to increase their GDP from 16% to 22%. Opening up their borders to foreign trade and have seen the countries expand outwards to have a presence in overseas markets. China of the four has seen great expansion in Africa where statistics in the last decade shows that China has been outdoing the Bretton Woods institutions in grants and loans advanced to other developing countries. The BRICS has seen growth in imports and growth in GDP despite economic ups and downs. Through their collaboration, BRICS have seen tremendous infrastructural development in technology and engineering.BRICS have developed tailor-made solutions for their problems unlike depending on solutions imposed by a third party. Developing countries feel more appreciated and included in their developmental agenda. The countries have together increased their spending on research and development leading to a 7% growth in research expenditure CITATION Glo15 l 2057 (Global Sherpa, 2015)Given that they possess a large labour population, high concentration of natural resources and a large population offering a big market, the BRICS are set for a more dominant role in economic growth. Being owners of capital and input, the Brics integration and corporation is setting the world towards a paradigm shift where developing countries are no longer onlookers but participants in the development agenda. These few achievements, over only five years, are more than what the Bretton Woods institutions achieved over the same time when they were formed. Hence, the conclusion that the BRICS are doing better than the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank References   Global Sherpa. (2015, January 07). bric-countries-brics. Retrieved from Global Sherpa: Retrieved from Source document

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Angostura Strategy Most Profitable Rum Company

Angostura Strategy Most Profitable Rum Company Analysis of Angostura In this chapter the information gathered from primary and secondary resources will be used to analyse the marketing strategy and performance of Angostura SBR. The vision of Angostura Ltd is to be the most profitable rum company in the Caribbean and continuously improve their position as the largest aromatic bitters company in the world. And their mission is to bring the spirit of Trinidad Tobago to every customer experience by providing preferred products and excellent products and excellent customer service. From these statement it is believed that Angostura would like the company to be the flagship brand or product of the country and that they would incorporate these statements when developing their strategies to market their products .Over the past five years the company have been through a lot which would have affected their existence and performance within the market. They have overcome disastrous obstacles such as having their old (CLICO) parent company filing for bankruptcy w hich would have affected their reputation and their business operations. In this chapter the information and results collect from the interviews, observation and surveys will be analysed and compared with those of the competitor. Angostura strategy Past Present In the past it could clearly be determined that the previous strategy was not about having a dominant presence in the market but more trying to have their products in the foreign markets. It can safely be said that Angostura adopted a strategy of a merger and acquisition type because they were purchasing and forming agreements with other distilleries. In 1999 they bought the minority share in Bacardi Ltd, in 2002 they bought Burn Stewart a scotch distillery in Scotland. And they also formed relationships/alliances with Dewars Ltd. These developments assisted in the distribution of the Angostura brands into untapped markets. They were capitalising on the brand names and the association of the brands to penetrate the markets. It can clearly determine that they adopted a strategy from the Ansoff matrix to the best of their ability to become a leader in the alcohol industry in the world. At that time of the company existence, then chairman and owner of Angostura Lawrence Duprey who is a visionary saw these products as being world class and it should be available to the world. This strategy could be considered to be successful because some of the products won international awards in the GermanysMundus Vini Competition and International Spirits Challenge UK, but there was some neglecting to their home market as there was little awareness of the brands in the local market . There was little advertising over those years that are when the foreign competitors penetrated the market with their intensive marketing tactics and influence a significant number of consumers to switch from rum to scotch. The foreign competition came into the market through distribution via local distributors. The main product that affected Angostura market share which they held for years was scotch. Starting in 2010 the new CEO decided to implemented a new strategy to take the company back to its rightful position in the market and eradicate all competition. The companys CEO Wayne Yip Choy said â€Å"he saw an untapped opportunity to increase rum sales in what had been a stagnant market for the last 25 years or so. The growth of rum over the last 25 years has been flat at about 500,000 case per year while whiskey sales went from 34,000 to 267,000 cases.† The CEO has endorsed this campaign professing that it was successful (Newsday 19th May 2011 page 3) He employed a market penetration strategy which consisted of several changes to the companys structure and products. These changes include an immediate stop to distribution of all competitor products such as Bacardi and Dewars and a repackaging of their rums and repositioning the brands. Albarran et al (2006) states that the industry life cycle helps in understanding the dynamics of a market structure and the entry, exit and survival patterns of firms. The rum industry can be considered or characterized as being in its decline phase as they have not been active in the market like they should. There is a moderate entrance of competition into this industry; however the industry is favourable to Angostura as they are the leaders in the rum distribution which makes it difficult for any new company to sell rum and penetrate the market. However there is a heavy threats in the alcohol market from brands such as Johnnie Walker Black (JWB) which is a scotch beverage and has capture a significant segment of the market. The company responsible for the marketing strategies of this product is AS Brydens who follow the strategy The present strategy being employed by Angostura can be best identified as a Differentiation out of the porter generic strategy. The product differentiation strategy in any market gains competitive advantage from being able to offer additional value to their customers that they may in some way appreciate and value. Differentiation strategies are not about pursuing uniqueness for the sake of being different it is about understanding customers and how the product can meet their needs, differentiation is about uniqueness, establishing differentiation advantage requires creativity. They have achieved this by offering a premium product with a unique taste and new packaging to the consumers. Presently in the market Angostura have fierce competition by foreign competitors who have entered the local alcohol market via distribution channels such as AS Brydens and Alstons Marketing Company who control the powerful brands such as Johnnie Walker Black and Dewars respectively. The Angostura Singl e Barrel Rum (SBR) is product that the company is actively marketing currently. This product is an old product that has been rebranded and re-positioned to a new target audience to regain its market share from scotch. The main competitor for the SBR is JWB. JWB is the most preferred drink for upcoming professionals and socialites between the ages of 18- 35 which is also the same target audience that angostura is also seeking after for SBR. The JWB has been able to captivate this market after persistent years of active marketing strategies over the last 10 years and how they have positioned the product in the minds of this target group. Angostura have realised that this target group will be the future leaders of the country and decided to focus SBR on this target audience. There are many marketing strategies that they may have evaluated to deliver the best approach to reach with this group. But from observations and analysis it can be determined that they may have adopted the challenger strategy whereby they develop a strategy that is similar to the market leader (JWB) and try to capitalise on it. This strategy is effective because it tends to feed off the energy or success of the market leader. However it can be safely said that the strategy that they adopted to allow them maximum mileage and infiltrate the market without much hindrance is between the market penetration or product development strategy out of the Ansoff Matrix. The market penetration would be a suitable strategy to adopt because it contributes to the increase in market share and it is a great growth strategy as it contributes to the increase usage of the product. The marketing mix that angostura used for SBR used can support the justification of the market penetration strategy. They implemented extensive advertising via newspapers, billboards, radio and event sponsorships. They flooded the market with the SBR adverts aggressively targeting scotch particularly JWB. The pricing strategy that they also used would allow the product to penetrate the market because it was cheaper than the competitor making it more affordable and attractive to the consumers. The product development strategy may have been more align to the overall strategy, and it justifies by producing a high quality rum for its consumer hence the reason for an entire repositioning of the product. SBR was given a drastic change from the bottle to the way it was presented to the public. The packaging of the bottle improved to a sleeker smooth and sexy look that would to appeal to the specific target group as its similar to the shapes of their competitors in the market. These changes were slowly introduced to the country using the â€Å"BOLD† concept to explain the approach that they adapted. The marketing mix that they used supported this by the use of having a launch event to introduce the new packaging of the SBR .This was then was supported by intensive print and billboards advertisements describing the shape and look of the bottle. The ads also describe the flavour of the rum and why its better than the scotch. Angostura can be deemed to seek a type of innovation in implementing this strategy and introducing a forgotten secret from their distillery. This product is not a new product as it has been in existence for at least 4 years and it was not marketed to the public. It was the decision of the previous CEO to share this secret with the public rather than having it on their shelves that the House of Angostura as an ornament collecting dust. Mr Yip Choy felt that the product deserved and audience and this was the catalyst that began the introduction of a new old product into the lives of alcohol consumers of Trinidad and Tobago. Angostura have core competences that they can use to their advantage to give them the competitive edge over their competitors. Core competences such as they have the factory readily available to them as they have highly skilled staff to produce these rums. They have the history of the company which is known to produce high quality products, that have received world class awards and they dont have the to pay excessive taxes to import an finished goods compared to the competitors who are faced with high taxes and duties that they need to pay to import a finished product into the country and pass on these cost to the consumers. In analysing the strategy a random survey was conducted online to measure the effectiveness of the campaign to date. The results of this survey is discussed below .Based on the results from the survey it can be assumed that the strategy has not been totally effective. They have been able to develop a discussion or buzz about SBR that probably led to a considerable amount of persons trying the product at bars, clubs, events where ever the product was available after its mega launch and print intensive campaign. The target group for this campaign is one of an elite nature. The target audience for SBR are males who are within the age group of 25-35 years old who are professional or upcoming managers, who live in urban or well developed areas. Their income ranging between -20k 30 k per month belonging in the social class of A and B. This target audience tends to be the trendsetters of the new generation; the mangers, the upcoming executives, leading accountants, and the influential people within the society. There is some concern if this is the ideal age group that Angostura should be focussing their strategies to as with this audience they are seasoned and have peculiar and specific needs and they really change unless influence by something very drastic. Also to note that Angostura will have a tough challenge to persuade all ready established scotch drinkers to switch to rum because it two different types of alcohol . However with this new strategy that they have employed it may be successf ul. Their marketing strategy also consist of a branding strategy which conveys the entire image and direction of the brand so that the target audience can relate and create a connection with the product. The brand strategy is a part of the marketing strategy because this is responsible for the positioning the brand and the other attributes of the brand. This will play a significant role into the development of this strategy because of the target audience and the competitor that they are going up against they need to have a very fierce and aggressive strategy to accomplish this feat. In analysing the brand profile it can be assumed that the Brand Identity Prism created by Jean-Noà «l Kapferer model was used to develop this framework. Physical Facet of SBR- Simple packaging, smooth taste, sweet aroma premium rum dark rich colour Brand personality -Rich, complete, Independent and distinguished Customer Reflection It entices the consumers palate , satisfies them, helps them re-calibrate Customer Self Image-Discerning, Unique, part of a select group and well educated The image of the brand has to be well positioned as to have great influence over the target audience. Some of the attributes of the brand that were indicated above do apply to how the consumer drinking it wants to be seen because they are image driven because of the status that they hold within society. They mostly associate themselves with products that are align to the character. SBR have the necessary brand profiles that twill meet the needs of the target audience. Angostura has positioned the product as a premium product to compete with JWB which is also positioned in that bracket. It is imperative that the Angostura Ltd employ active and aggressive tactics to persuade this group because what they are trying to do is a drastic switch of a consumers taste. From this strategy it was also observed that Angostura is trying to influence consumers behaviours by providing facts and additional information about the distilling process about rum and scotch to convince the consumers to switch. It can be deemed that they use the black box model to influence this change of behaviour. The concept of the model is that it suggests consumers will respond in particular ways to different stimuli after they have processed those stimuli in their minds. These messages were conveyed in their ads such as â€Å"Because Spirits mature faster in warm climates a 5 year old rum has a better aged flavour than a much older scotch.Age has nothing to do with maturity.† Statements like this will cause the consumer to think and processed the stimuli in their minds. Alcohol Sales In Trinidad Tobago alcohol is associated with most rituals or events because the culture is a celebrating and socializing culture. When looking at the sales of alcohol it can be seen that sales continue to rise for the period of 2008-2010 even though the Governor of central bank stated that the country was going thru a depression. This statement was not a reality as it was seen that even though the economy was considered cash strapped the population was still purchasing these products as regular. The chart below, illustrates the sales within the alcohol industry over the past years. There was a slight decline in sales in 2007/ 2008 but from end 2008 the industry gained momentum and have increased and plateau till 2010. During this period of 2007 2009 Trinidad Tobago was considered to be going thru a decline in economic activity other known as a recession and according to philosophy, goods of this nature tends to increase in a recession as these products are used as a way of comforting due to financial hardship. Most consumers had switch brands and purchase a cheaper brand which gave them more value for their money. During this period beers such as Carib and Stag had significantly increased during this recession and posed a threat to Angostura Table 1 Yearly litre cases in 000s Spirits 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Rum 513.5 525.9 502.1 497 501 497 Vodka 27.75 29.5 31 33.5 36.65 37.85 Scotch 207 238.5 240.5 244.9 224.7 211.65 Beer 395 400 420 438 452 465 Source IWSR 2010 At this present time Trinidad Tobago is said to be experience an increase in productivity which indicates there is an increase in disposable income. An increase in disposable income leads to increase purchases of items that are not necessities such as alcohol. Angostura would have accessed these conditions when developing their strategy to influence consumption. The sales of SBR have increase significantly for 2009 where only 250 bottles were sold compared to 2010 where they sold 4594 bottles . The sales in 2010 could have increase significantly due to the launch, events and high level of awareness that was happening for the period of September to December. This is a good sign for the brand as it show that there is a possible market for the product. Johnnie Walker Strategy JWB marketing strategy can be determined to be an aggressive strategy but through a focus approached. They use world-class marketing capabilities to combine with flair and agility to delight consumers with both a trusted brand favourites and the introduction of new and exciting innovations. JWB thrives on innovation as they believe thats the way to the consumers especially with all the available technology .They have also adopted a Premiumization strategy which position it as an elites product which is what Angostura has implemented with the SBR. JWB has put a lot of emphasis on testing different aspects of the marketing mix so that they can understand what the consumers wants when advertising or on-premise or digital. They have clearly identified who their target audience and have developed the necessary strategies to consume this group. The clientele that they are chasing after are selective just like the SBR so they have developed a framework within their strategy to attract this audience which is known as FACE. (Flair, Agility, Customer centric and Evolving) These are the watch words that they use to effectively acquire and maintain their customer base. This strategy has been proven to be effective because the sales of this product have increase continuously year after year. Table 2 Scotch Yearly litre cases in 000s in Trinidad Tobago Brand 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 JWB 26 29 29 36 40 Black White 30 35 33 36 34 Dewars White Label 6.85 7.85 8.15 8.25 7.75 Chivas Regal 4 4.8 4.95 5 3 Source IWSR Report Johnnie Walker campaign is as less aggressive print wise but they capitalize on digital and relationship building in their campaigns and this is how they execute the FACE frame work. Flare is particularly important in this category because consumers care about it. Every time they select a brand theyre making a statement about themselves its not about functional performance.The brand has flair in the way they execute the ads, the promotion they way they present the product to the consumer, it is executed in a manner thats appeals to the target audience that distinguishes itself from the others. They have implemented campaigns that are fully integrated campaign across multiple channels, above the line and below the line that motivates and engages consumers and builds affinity and loyalty for the brand. They also use a premium pricing strategy to position the product as a high end product that distinguishes from the other brands. Analysis of survey A survey was carried out online to evaluate several issues and the effectiveness of the campaign. The sample size of 100 was used based on a random sampling where 73 % percent of the respondents were male and 27 % female of which 75 % were the suitable age profile for SBR. Based on the educational background profile that meets the criteria of SBR 58% of the respondents had a degree or even higher qualification which meets the profile. This is based on the profile given on the brand profile for SBR. In the survey questions were asked to get the factual, felling and emotional statements about the product and their experiences. When asked the question if they have every tasted the single barrel rum 69.2% indicated that they have but when asked if they will drink the drink again 34% said no ,while 40.3% indicated that they may try it . This is not positive signs for SBR as they want to stimulate repeat purchase as this is what will take the product to the pinnacle to surpass scotch. Figure 1 Figure 2 When asked how they found out about the product the most popular responses were from word of mouth and TV. However the word of mouth can only happen because someone saw an ad. From my interview with Ms De la Rosa VP Marketing Manager, she indicated that part of the strategy was to create a conversation and buzz about the products, it can be said that they achieved this because of the percentage of persons were informed by word of mouth. It can also said that the aggressive print campaign which included newspapers and billboards contributed to this discussion, but some of the comments about the ads were not that compliment as some of the respondents indicated that the ads were not that appealing. Figure 3 The art of marketing is to influence ones behavior to try a new product and this is done by creating a strategy utilizing the marketing mix and tactics that that will appeal to the target audience that will encourage them to try the product . During the Christmas and carnival 2011 Single barrel rum is in most if not all of the events promoting the rum in an attempt to push the product on the consumers and maintain awareness. However this strategy may not have been the contributing factor that influenced persons to try the drink as the main reason for trying it was curiosity and friends. When new products arrive in the market people are hesitant to try it unless they are heavily influence by some factor, they tend not to come out of their safety net. But recommendations by peers have can influence their behavior as they will trust their friend who has endorsed the product. The ads that appeared would have contributed in some way but it was not a major influence. The product was introduced received some great reviews for its new shape an packing as this was one of the highest ranking issues that the audience like about the product . The taste was the leading choice of what they like about the product. The new taste is differently and it seems to be a key ingredient for this product. Angostura has used the taste to clearly justify their existence and why scotch should be a second option to that brand. This taste can be used as their competitive advantage along with the health benefits for consuming those beverages. The brand attributes associated was not communicated because when asked how they felt about the drink or association with the brand 60% said they felt nothing and another 20 % felt refreshing. The brand has specific attributes associate with the image of the product, feelings of independence, noteworthy, leader, trendsetter are the some of the words associated with the brand. It can be determined that it may be too early in the products awareness cycle for these attitudes to be conveyed in the targets audience mind but, with fierce and persistent competition on the outside. From the 100 respondents it can be clearly stated that the marketing /advertising campaign was effective as overall 65% found that the campaign was good or excellent. This is a very good rating for the company and their agency, but the campaign being a good one may not translate into the figures that the company would like for their sales because the overall objective for the campaign is to increase the sales of the SBR and move into the market share of the scotch market. Figure 4 In the survey it was important to find out what the public thinks about rum so questions were asked to get this rating. The leading drink to be a first choice was scotch. Rum was 3rd 4th choice to beer and wine. Angostura has tried to influence the target audience to switch the use of rum as a first preference. This change is a behavior change that they need to address to get the target audience to switch. When asked why they like this preferred drink the most favorite response was taste. Taste is important to the consumer; as a result Angostura can look at this capitalizing on the taste to gain an edge over their competitors. Table 3 When socialising what is your preferred drink of choice? Answer Options 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Scotch/Whiskey 22 16 7 4 4 1 Rum 9 6 13 9 7 6 Vodka 7 10 11 12 11 3 Beer 11 17 11 10 2 1 Wine 9 7 10 10 14 3 Other 4 2 4 2 2 6 Digital Marketing In the 21 century where there is so much different technology and ways for communication and reaching a target audience a company should utilise the. In 2007 Heineken decided to create a marketing campaign that would â€Å"rejuvenate its brand among Puerto Rican youth,† it recognized that 30-second TV spots and other forms of traditional media would not be the most effective means of reaching its target audience. Instead, the company seized upon the architecture of the online world to build a powerful, interactive â€Å"virtual universe† named Heineken City . They were able to fuse the digital world along with the traditional media to develop a campaign. From research conducted for this paper it was concluded that Angostura has not utilised these digital marketing tools to their advantage to date and these tools are used by the target audience on a regular basis. They have access on a daily basis as they are have it available to them at home , in the office or on the go on their Smartphones such as blackberry and iphones. Campaigns like this one are transforming the nature of advertising in the digital age. Today, alcohol brands are promoting their products across a wide spectrum of new platform from social networks to mobile phones to immersive, virtual communities. This marriage of communications and commerce has benefited from a â€Å"perfect storm† of converging developments: the rise of a global generation of Internet-savvy users; the growing capability to access online content at any hour, especially through mobile devices; powerful new digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube; and the growing sophistication and power of both online advertising techniques and the companies that offer them. Angostura has only utilised YouTube to upload two of their TV ads and no presence of a facebook page. Their immediate competitor JWB, have developed extensive tactics utilising the digital world. They have developed mobile applications for Smartphones, they have utilised all the social media which includes facebook and twitter to keep their customer current on all promotion and events that are happening with the brand. They have embraced the technology and expanded on it using it to the

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Product and Process Evaluation of Huxley 3D Printer

Product and Process Evaluation of Huxley 3D Printer Product development for quality Ademola Adewoye Quality engineering, product and process evaluation Huxley 3D Printer Quality Gurus’; coursework Abstrat This article refers to a coursework of product development for quality to which answers are provided for questions as related to product development for quality coursework1. This report is dived into two: part A consists of question and answers for Huxley 3D printer and part B comprising quality gurus’ analyses. Aims To extend the masters’ student’s ability to apply design methodology and assessment techniques associated with quality engineering in broad context of managing the engineering and design process. Objectives The core objectives employed include the following. Teaming to assemble 3D Huxley printer Understanding and evaluating the design defect with comparative analyses Understanding quality, quality development, and quality design fundamentals. exploring the quality gurus philosophers Learning about quality operation and management Scope of the study This article is limited to answers to product development for quality coursework and evaluation of quality gurus; titled quality engineering, product and process evaluation. Significant of the study In context of technical skills, I had learnt new technical skills e.g. assemblage of disassemble machine as one worked upon; the 3D Huxley printer. I also worked with external experienced students in modelling and printing of different parts. The experience and knowledge gained is never quantified hence this study is significant to helping students developing a practical technical skills. Chapter one Part A 1.0 brief introduction A Huxley 3D printer is a robust three dimensional rapid prototyping machine developed by Erik Debruijn and other and named after a biologist Thomas henry Huxley. It is a mechatronic machine consisting of mechanical components such as timing belt, nuts, bolts, bearings, extruder, x, y and z axis frames and electrical component such as electric motor, microprocessor, and converter. This machine is controlled by a firmware and a host software configured to convert a 3D design from any CAD related software into a physical design called rapid prototype printing. This 3D printer are flexible, fast, trendy and easy to use. Chapter two 2.0 Assemble the Huxley 3D printer using the supplier online instruction and once complete demonstrate the machine as a working systems. 2.0 Answer The 3D Huxley printed was assembled by my group and was functionally demonstrated. 3.0 Compare the following aspect of your completed machine with one completed another machine built by your peer groups. Report on what do you observe to be the factors affecting the following; Individual component quality System consistency when compared to other completed ‘Huxley 3D printers’ Ambiguity and opportunity for error in the instruction set 3.0 Answer The following observations were made in comparison with other peer groups in terms of quality. Coupling or assemblage accuracy and orientation are factors that affects the output of the printout in terms of quality as was observed during testing of peer A and peer B machine. One peer machine produce better surface finish than the other observed to be as a result of poor orientation of vertical and horizontal frame parts. The plastic frames were also observed not properly fillet with no allowance which bars performance and quality of printing. Electronic components such as the electric motor positioning was observed not labelled and diagrammatized. Generally, the individual components of the ‘Huxley 3D printer’ was affected by lack of surface finish and inaccurate labelling. The following observations were made in comparison with other peer in term of system consistency All the electric component e.g. electric motor provided the was observed consistent in both peers Major mechanical components such as bearings, x-y-z rods, axis-belt drive, pulley and shaft, provided by supplier was observed consistent. All major frame components Generally, the factors which affects systems consistency are labelling and specifications. Mechanical components parts such as nut were not threaded with precision; Part was observed to be excess. The following was observed a major factors responsible for systems ambiguity and opportunity for error in comparison with other peers. Too many component parts Part dimensional inaccuracy Poor labelling Too many axes Poor surface finish of parts. 4.0 Based on your observations suggest how the quality of the system as well the user experience could be improved. 4.0 Answers Based on my experience gained and observations made during the course of the study I suggest the following for system quality improvement. parts should be simplified to improve design optimisation Nozzle could be modified to lower dimension of 0.3mm or less for high quality surface finish Increase the number of extruder to differentiate support materials from printing material when printing or prototyping complex design. Improve the slice setting Increase speed Accurate parts labelling for easy and better assemblage. Frame rigidity could be supported by other methods of joining e.g. riveting to provide frame structure a solid rigidity. Post treatment (rework) of Huxley 3D printer parts could help to ensuring part are produced to standards e.g. uniform dimensions of frame rods, bolt and nuts. Thermoplastic mini-spool (printing material holder) should be inclusive in design parts to store sufficient amount of filament when the machine in operation. The x-carriage mounted fan should be designed in two parts for effective and speedy cooling of printing parts. An additional nuttraps in substitute of self-tapping screw with metal screw should be used for the carriage for better quality finish. In regards to user experience the expressions below are suggested; More practical sessions should be allocated to students offering this module to facilitate their real know-how technical skills of the subject matter. The assembly of the machine should be individual with group analyses, suggestion and assessment to ensure an independent knowledge transfer. Exhibition, seminar should be held and best student compensated to motivate students to go extra-ordinary. Part B Discus your personal experience for this project making specific reference to ethos captured by the terms; ‘zero defect’ as used by Philip Crosby ‘Fitness for purpose’ as used by Joe Juran ‘constant improvement’ as advocated by Bill Conway Answer The quality guru Philip Cosby defines quality with his four principles of quality management as follows; ‘quality is conformance to requirements, ‘defect prevention is preferable to quality inspection’, ‘quality is measured in monetary terms’ and ‘Zero Defect (ZD) as quality standard’ as main focus as concerned this article. The need of technological advancement and commercialization of 3D printing for all is observed a genuine requirement for 3D development but substandard finished parts, poor labelling and other defects observed during the machine assembly in the course of the practical study was as a results of a ‘no zero defect’. This factor of no zero defect with the Huxley 3D printer can be blamed on management. Perhaps, its worker are not motivated and recognised accordingly toward a personal interest in their job and or lacks production procedures where for every final parts produced requires an inspection to ensuring quality. The lack of ‘no zero defect’ was clearly observed in the bolts and nuts, frame rod, and thermoplastics frame parts. furthermore, since Huxley produces large volume of components part (mass production) they should adopt the principle of ‘zero defect’ primarily focusing on preventive methodology; zero defect’ of its worker towards a constant, cautious, and right attitude of work within its organization to ensuring quality at every level of production. This methodology if adopted will impact great benefits to the company’s general growth, brand recognition and improved their profit maximisation. The American-Romanian quality guru; Joseph Moses an advocator of quality and total quality management defines quality in term of fitness for purpose as ‘evaluation of how well a product perfumes’ for its intended use’. Since the primary function of the Huxley 3D printer is to print 3D designs preconceived from any computer aided design software (CAD) and as observed during the course of the study, it perform this function to satisfactory printing various component parts; simple and complex it can then be established that the fitness for purpose postulated by Joseph Moses is satisfied hence Huxley would need to fine-tune and improve on its current standards for quality with fitness of purpose because â€Å"without standard there is no logical basis for making a decision in taking actions† (Philip 2008) to provide its teaming customers with not just a 3D printing machine but one that can stand global competitive market in quality and functions. Although, it is assumed that Huxley already adopt this methodology in its production and quality management structures but it would do the company more benefit fine-tuning to achieving a more global qualitative product. William Bill Conway advocates for continuous improvement in product development for quality; a concept that put the American ford company into world breaking record in operational effectiveness. Huxley 3D printer was made an open source on the internet to serves as empowering tool for product improvement, the need to train and retrain its staff is another way a strategy to continuous improvement of product for quality. A company growth depends on the ability of its management strengths for a consistent improvement which further translate to efficiency and effectiveness in operations. It is conceived that Huxley Company applied this methodology via internet open source with continuous research as well. In this way, a substantial improvement on the component parts of the worked on Huxley 3D printer has been updated and new model are produced. With maintaining this methodology and exploring other related method constants product improvement can be sustained with enormous benefits. 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